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. heeis facing the traffic violationncharges, though. live frommcity headquarters, i'm megan gilliland. fox 45 early edition. >>> a man is deaddafter a fight in baltimore county, pooice were called to stone gate court iniesville t 11:30 last night. when they arrived, they found a man lyinggon the street. they saw people fighting and the police are still looking for the suspects. >>>>thh suspect who stabbed a man at security square mall in baltimore county is still n the %-it happened yesterday at about 11:00 a.m. the victim is a student at the north ammrican ttade ccool whichhis located inside of thee3 mall. he was stabbed n the back and taken to shock trauma. there's no word on his condition. >>> anne arundel ccuntt police are searchinn for the driver who they say hit a teenager while he was out ridiig his bike ooer the weekend. the 16 years old was on sunrise3 beacc road near tte veteran %-he was hit by behind.iht when he ent to shock trauma and is expected to be okay. >> of thh innestigators are looking for a maroon sierra. thee believe it could be a maroon colorr anyone wwih i
. >> reporter: her daughter megan wright was a shy pretty freshman here at dominican college, a small catholic school in orangeburg, new york, less than an hour from manhattan. >> it was almost like she would have gone into a fetal position if she could have. >> reporter: she told her mother she believed she was drug and raped by multiple men after attending a party in her dorm in may of 2006. the surveillance video shows a disoriented seemingly impaired megan being led in and out of a room by several different men. some students, some not. the following morning she told her best friend kelly rocco what had happened. >> she just stood there and said i think i was raped last night. >> what did you say? >> i asked her how she felt. she said there was blood in her underwear. we went to the hospital by my house. she had a rape kit and her face was just in so much pain as they were doing everything. >> reporter: a devastating violation for any woman. but according to ñrmegan's brother shawn, even more traumatic for a girl as innocent and reserved as as megan. she wasn't a par she w
of baltimore. she was aastrong role model ffr the other dolphins there. >> i dream of megan, would be that she is -- oh, i am going to cry. ú% a family struggling tt help their young daughter survive. tonight go inside of megan's %-our cover story tonight. >> a plane ffrced to make an emmrgency landing. you don't want to miss this firsthand look t the very scary moments. >> it appears a staffer told the truth, was caught telling the trutt, then he made up the rest offthe story. >> up next, the evidence that tax on everything you buy? that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. announcer: has the overpowering smell of scented (music playing) garbage bags taken over your kitchen? (woman blows at scented tree) hefty
." i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. the big story we've been talking about since 4:00 this morning, hurricane earl and the driving gusts driving rains and churning through north carolina and starting to be felt in southern parts of virginia and on its way up the east coast. let's goat to lynnette charles. >> reporter: we are watching earl this morning. it is bringing rain bands now, lots of rain into the outer banks. let me show you what's going on because we do have beaches under a tropical storm warning and the winds about 30 to 60 miles per hour. the waves are 8 to 10 to 15 feet. check out what's going on in ocean city. not much change there and we do have the winds out of the north east. we have joce there standing by. tell white house you have. >> good morning. we moved to higher ground because we wanted to give you a better view of the ocean. it's scary out there. we saw things yesterday shaping up to be a bit dicey. they let surfers out on the beach and now we have people who are living here. a couple of hours makes a difference. when we first walked out cri
this friday morning. i'm megan pringle. jamie is all the way in allegheny county and we'll check in with him later. first, let's get a check on the weather which was rocky yesterday. here's justin berk. >> that's right. we expected to have the rain ban hold off until the evening hours. it came in mid-afternoon. it makes for a beautiful friday. we should have a fairly decent friday stacking up here. this time, a major hurricane karl already hit adds a tropical storm but now winds up to 120 miles per hour and expected to get even stronger before making landfall tonight. we'll have the latest on that. >>> there's that clearing right over central clearing. the hereford zone on the other side of the bay bridge. 66 right now in baltimore. in our hour by hour forecast calls for partly cloudy skies. occasionally, the clouds may dominate the skies for a few hours at a time. we should get ourselves up to 82 degrees. the gusty wind could gust between 20 and 30 miles per hour. right now, let's see if that yes, sir our speed or better. >> most people should be above 20 miles per hour hopeful
. >> reporter: her daughter, megan wright, was a shy, pretty freshman here at dominican college. a small catholic school in orangeburg, new york. less than an hour from manhattan. >> it was almost like she would have gone into a fetal position if she could have. >> reporter: megan told her mother she believed she was drugged and then raped by multiple men after attending a party in her dorm in may 2006. this surveillance video shows a disoriented, seemingly impaired megan being led in and out of a room by several different men, some students, some not. the following morning she told her best friend, kelly, what had happened. >> she just kind of stood there and then said, i think i was raped last night. >> what did you say? >> i asked her how she felt. she said that there was blood in her underwear. we got up and went to the hospital by my house. did a rape kit. her face was just in so much pain as they were doing everything. >> reporter: a devastating violation for any woman. but according to megan's brother, sean, even more traumatic for a girl as innocent and reserved as megan. >> she
'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us. justin is headed down there to check everything out as we keep an eye on earl. >> the hard thing is if you have a place down there, you wonder ooh. >> earl is down to a category 3. i want to make one point clear. the most common question i've had so far this week, i want to answer. this is not isabelle. by any stretch of the imagination, a completely different storm. isabelle chugged inland, pushed surge up the bay. this one stays out to sea. around the bay and baltimore, not much of an impact, a close pass on the east coast, already watches and warnings posted for virginia through north carolina, and we'll be watching our close approach to ocean city thursday night and friday. beyond that labor day weekend looking cooler but looking nice. here we go. tropical satellite showing us where it is, east of the turks and northeast of the turks and caicos and bahamas islands. we'll have the latest update in just a few minutes. taking you back home, a quiet sea, clearing and calm on the satellite and radar, across maryland. temperatures ranging from 70 i
. >>> justin watching such names like karl, julia, igor. good morning, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. >> thanks for joining us, thursday. >> hey listen, i'll be in cumberland tomorrow, broadcasting live on our on the go. i have my winter jacket ready. >> me and julia, down by the studio. >> simon and garfunkel. >> i feel like i'm in a barber shop this morning. we're not going to look at extreme chill any time soon. mild morning, thanks to the increasing clouds. small chance of clouds. if anything, mr. costello, you'll knee the waterproof jacket tonight. do you think we'll get a lot of rain out of there in time for you to go out in western maryland. wet weather in the tropics. karl hit mexico, back over the water, strengthening, you've got hurricane igor at 34. currently 56 degrees, your start point on the thermometer and bel air. let's see what's happening on the roads right now. >> well from cumberland to cambridge and from cockeysville to columbia, everything's looking pretty good so far on the roads this morning. we don't have any delays or accidents. just fire activity in glen bu
beliiving that the recovery isf. megan gilliland is live with tte mean for you. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice, the economic bureau of research is saying that the recessiin is over. however, a lost people in maryland and across the country aren't believing those numbers. they are look at them and trying toofind out more. we are getting a lot of responses trying too see hat u all have to say. obama is even addressing. >> obviously for the millions of people who are still out of work, people who have seen their home values decline, people who are stuck ling to pa!!! struggls from day-to-day, it's still very ú%al tt them. report, 73% of the likely voter in maryland say that the u.s. is still currently in a recession. 16% say no, 10% were not sure. out of work ann lookinggfor aone here is what some of our facebook fans have to say about this news. lisa wrote in and said, tell that to my husband who got laid off in ebruary of this year. they don'ttknow what they're talking about. what do you think, is thh recession over? let s kkow on the facebook page. i w
morning america" will have much more coming up at 7:00. megan? >>> 6:33 right now and 56 degrees. we cannot wait for monday night. all of you who are feeling the ribbons have been snubbed by the national media should be happy that we are taking on the team that made it all the way to the super bowl. a lot of trash talking going on. let's go to sherrie johnson live this morning on this purple friday. sherrie? >> reporter: good morning, megan. it's that time again, time for purple fridays, and we are here in rowland park in front of miss shirley's where the purple friday caravan kicks off. po is here acting up as you can see. we're in for a good time. tell me about what we have in store with the caravan. >> well, we're going around to a bunch of locations. i believe it's 23 today. we go around baltimore, timonium, glenn bernie and the schedule is on baltimoreravens.com. we're giving away raffles and doing a lot of signed jerseyed and everything. >> reporter: why is purple friday so important? >> for us it is a good chance for to us interact with the fans. it's good to get the fans reme
, megan. that's right, some parents are fed up and they would like to see an addition built on here at hampton elementary school to get the students out of these trailers and into better classroom facilities here and to prevent that overcrowding. again, they say they thought construction was supposed to start but it hasn't. they are ready for that to begin. right now the elementary school is designed for 300 students. it opened last week with more than 500. the school has eight trailers outside. four on each side to help with the overcrowding. hampton's pta president said every fourth and fifth grader will be in a trailer. and parents say they are happy with their old building, they just want it to be bigger. county officials say countywide referendum is needed before funding for the addition can be approved. >> there's no construction starting because we didn't get the funding. parents were shocked. >> with an overcapacity in the towson area of well over 300 students, bcps and county cannot afford time lapses for the planned additions. >> reporter: now, if the referendum is approve
battle with vincent gray. news 4's megan mcgrath is live at the bell multicultural high school where residents will begin voting in less than an hour now. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning. very quiet right now. in about an hour the doors open at all the polling places across d.c. 22,000 people have already cast ballots in early voting. thousands more are expected to vote toda adrian fenty, who so decisively won his first term, is now battling for reelection. his opponent, gray, hoping to unsat him. mayor adrian fenty attended a rally in southeast on monday, fighting an uphill battle in most polls, fenty is pointing to his record and promise to go change his leadership style if re-elected. >> i think what you're seeing from all eight wards, people understand way more good has happened in the city than bad. we'll learn from whatever mistakes we made to do a better job nexttime. >> reporter: it has been a heated campaign. gray believes he has won over many voters and is n being considered on his own merits, not just as altnative to mayor fenty. >> four more years. >> no mo
a second man wanted in connection with one of those attacks in college park. news 4's megan mcgrath joins us live with more on this. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, joe. there have actually been several robberies surrounding the university of maryland the last couple weeks. police are making progress. following that crime, police say the suspect used one of the victim's credit cards in a convenience store. that's where this surveillance was taken. police have been able to use that videotape to identify the robbers. yesterday they arrested 21-year-old andrew hillox. he's toward the rear of the convenience store. last week they arrested 19-year-old chenor jah. investigators are still looking for the third suspect seen in the video. students at the university of maryland have received veral safety alerts in recent weeks, following a string of robberies. there have been six such crimes since august 8th. it's unclear if some of those crimes are related. the most recent happened early sunday morning at the parking lot of the college park shopping center. in some cases the suspec
. megan is live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. this happened 10:00 last night. police are still o scene. you can see the police cars behind me here. they're standing out in front of this house on the 6800 block of field master drive. the house is completely encircled by police tape. we can see investigators in the home as well as in the driveway. an active crime seen as they were continue with their investigation. there was one vaft in this incident. app adult male shot to death inside the home. that's all police are willing to say at this point. they're still trying to piece together exactly what happened and they're not releasing a whole lot of information. we can tell you shortly after 10:00, that's when the incident happened last night. we are told this was a targeted attack, that this was not a random act of violence. the victim was targeted. i asked whether this was a domestic situation or not. police are not willing to say that at this point. all they will say is that there is -- they don't believe there is any other threat to the greater community at this point
park shopping center on route 1. megan joins us from that shopping center this morning with more on the attacks that have plagued the community for more than a month now. megan, good morning >> reporter: well, good morning, eun. the latestobbery tk place early sunday morning here in this parking lot. there have been several such robberies in recent weeks. now, all the crimes have taken place off campus in the neighborhoo surrounding the university of maryland. students are being asked to be careful. the parking lot is well lit a not exactly off the beaten path. but that didn't stop the suspects. early sunday morning, police say three men jumped their victim from behind, soughted and roed him in the parking lot of a college park shopping center. the crime is the latest in a string of robberies. there have been six such crimes since august 8th. students have been put on alert. it's unclear if the crimes are connected. all have happened early in the morning and involved self suspects. in some case the criminals had been armed. in other cases the victims have been beaten. the latest
way down marlboro heights when the crash happened. megan mcgrath is live on the scene now with the latest. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. this was a violent crash. take a look behind me here. you can see the ambulance that was struck and it's just down the road a ttle bit. you can see the suv that is now up on its roof, flipped upside down here this happened a little bit afr midnight. police say the ambulance had just left the firehouse on a call. they were headed down marlboro pike when all of a sudden an suv crossed the center line and was actually poised totrike the ambulance head-on. now the driver of the ambulance swerved to try to get out of the way, the suv struck the side of the ambulance. it missed th cab where the two paramedics were seated but it did rip open the patient compartment of the ambulance. the suv then continued down marlboro pike for a short distance, hit a brick wall, hit a utility pole and then flipped over onto its roof. three people inside the suv were killed in this crash. we're told that the paramedics, they were transport
. let's check the traffic situation with megan. >> good morning. as you said traffic is light. as you take a look at southbound 680 heading through the sunol grade, the cars are green which means everything is moving at the limit. it will be interesting to see them as the morning continues and more commuters hit the road. how this new expressway lane will impact traffic. your drive time now on southbound 680 from 580 to 101, 30 minutes. that's a completely normal drive time. everything moving at the limit. westbound 237 from 880 to 101 six minutes. we'll keep you updated on this throughout the morning. >> thank you very much. it's 5:03. we could find out today which local gas pipelines pose the biggest risk to life and property in the wake of the san bruno explosion and fire, federal state and local officials have pressured pg&e to release a list of the 100 most dangerous spots. terry mcsweeney is live in san bruno to pick up the story for us. terry? >> yeah. there's a big list of 100 riskiest gas pipelines at that it operates in this area between eureka on through bakersfield. while
i'm megan pringle. >> here is justin berk. we have ourselves a quiet weather pattern. a little chilly with more down into the 50s, but the afternoon will turn out nice and mild and a little cooler than yesterday. still a beautiful weather pattern setting up here. active tropics. we have hurricane igor still a category 4. it had gotten stronger overnight, but briefly slowing this morning. slightly slowing the winds down. julia a category 4 storm as well. a tropical storm about to hit mexico. stay tuned for that update. >> we're dry here and sitting at 55 in baltimore. ocean city. 49 in york but 62 in hager's town. notice the cool cases to our west. follow the bottom of the screen because we'll have a warmup. >> we have our first crash of the morning on the main span of the key bridge and it is blocking the right lane. expect some minor delays, but right now really traffic moving pretty well around the rest of the area. northeast part of the belt way, traffic is moving really good. we don't have any problems, no delays. on the west side more volume, sluggish towards i 70 but no p
. welcome to fox 5 morning nnws on this thursday, september 11th. good morning, i'm megan gillilandd meteorologist steve fertig is here with us. >> i'm not going anywhere. >> you're nottgoing anywhere, you are here for the next two days. %-weekend.hoping to have a great might as well get the rain now. we need it badly. we are nottgging to get a whole lot. take a look at the temperature as you head out this morning,3 while it's dry, 66 degrees, certainly not too baddfor a ttmperature in baltimore. and ww look at the ky hd radar and right now increasing clouds ahead of what we hope to be, showers moving through. i say that because the frontal direction may be weakening as it comes our way and may be drying out a little bit. in the day and especialll laterr in the evening and we re back iito the nice weather for the weekend. the timing will be nice if we can get rain first. a chance of rain for the afternoon is evening. a great evening, and ww are keeping our eyes peeledd n the troppcal system karl, igo rorksd julia. i will telllyou about that. right now laaree cooke is here with the
how they had to use more than just boateds. 6:30 in the morning. i'm megan pringle. jamie is off today, but linette is here and she is standing by. a little cool. >> a little cool. that cold front moved through and we are feeling the effects of it. you are talking about the windy conditions. we had that yesterday. that's what sparked up all the fires along with the dry conditions and we will see the same conditions for today. so today is going to be nice and pleasant. we'll have temperatures in the upper 70s. and hopefully we'll get rain in here by the weekend. i know you don't like the timing of the rain, but we need it. that enhanced risk is going to continue as we go into saturday. maryland's most powerful radar is not showing anything except the five sweeps because we are looking at dry times for today and that will continue as we go through tomorrow as well. now as we see, the current conditions, the big story. you see those winds? let's go straight to northeast, north bay. you can see the westerly flow, that gust up to 27 miles an hour right now and that's what we will be seeing
right, megan. we'll see you at 9:00. >>> primary day is over but we don't know who will be baltimore city's top prosecutor. we may have to wait longer to figure out that more ballots have to be counted and a possible legal battle that could be in the works. >>> plus, a woman brought to the hospital by so-called good samaritans may have been the ones who held her captive for nearly a year. >>> plus -- >> family members of the johns hopkins shooter talk about the tragedy. hear what they have to say coming up. >>> also ahead, who would leave puppies in a dumpster? wait until you see these guys. they sore cute. cuddly, sweet and need a home. we've got the latest just ahead. >>> time now is 6:43. aisle megan pringle for your abc 2 news to go. a shooting inside a place where you go to heal. johns hopkins hospital staff still trying to wrap their heads around a shooting that happened yesterday. a gunman shot a doctor before killing his own mother and turning the gun on himself. we have live team coverage from the scene in a moment. first, we get aa check on the weather. it was a wild n
outraged. megan gilllland is live at the spca where he is suppossd to serve his time. gooddmorning, megan. >> eporter: good morning, patrice. that dog abuser was ordered to spendd50 hours here at the spca working. director here says he is not welcome. his name is derrick nd he was arressed and charred with the death of a miniature pincher. he could have had four years in prison, but instead, prosecutors agreed to drop the charges if he performed 50 hours of volunteer service at the spca. it's a decision that has animal activity shaking their heads. -p>> iidon't think thattanybody service.ts to do community >> ii's just not safe. it's not smart. drop the charges aftereed to documented evvdence surfaced had earlier attackedded the defendant's wiie. still the spca told chambers his -ervices are not wanteddhere. i'm megan gilliland. fox 45 early edition. >>> stayytuned for fox morning news for continuing coverage of ú%is story. the chair of the animal abuse that is ccming p in at the 6:00 hour. >>> a glen burnie man is indicted on sex trafficking charges. 42 years old during win ii he re
that the ity health department is holding a pubbic meeting today.3 megan gilliland is downtown where residdnts are expected to talk about what is bugging them. >>> later thissmorning the streets at the war memorial will be infested withhcity residents wwo are concernnd aboot bed bugs. %-and will go until 1::0.n today it's the first in the series of ppblic meetings that tuck to3 about the city's response to these bed bugs. ooficials say calls to 311 concerning these creepy critters are up significannty this year. they're crawling into beds3 across our region. the invasion of bed bugs has3 -otten so bad, some tennnts are even suing their landlords. and one in cockeysville where a teacher there says they have invaded her apaatmenn. >> she reactee very badly to it -nd she haddbiting up and down her arms. to this day sheehas permanent scarring. >> reporter: that is why area health experts are advisingú homeownerrsand renters alike to take extra precaution. get rrd of clutter aaounn your house. they live inneeerything, from if yyu can fford it, call in an exttrminator, they will bake enough to ki
. on the outer loop between 70 and 95, no delays as well. megan and jamie, back to you. >> concerning the death of the 14-year-old boston freshman. abc2 news reports that many of you questioned the safety of that intersection, where joey was killed. linda, good morning. >> well the day joey died, state police received a number of complaints that the pedestrian lights were not working at the intersection where joey tried to cross the street. the state highway administration is looking into those complaints. the memorial is growing where joey was struck and killed friday night. a driver him him as joey was crossing the road. neighbors and friends continue to leave heartfelt messages for the 14-year-old who was well liked by many and talented in so many ways. he loved the color blue, loved his number, 30, and loved to sing in his band. ♪ [ music ] >> joey was saved and he belongs there with god and all the angels. like i said, he's not of this world. he's too good for here. >> now police say right now there are no plans to charge the driver. the first of two viewings for joey will be held lat
checking in clear at this time. megan and jamie, back to you. >> he calls it the most urgent task creating jobs and fixing the economy. president obama says he'll keep fighting to turn the economy around, but is spending $50 million the answer? emily schmidt is in washington this morning. >> this week's president obama is -- to slow the winning. >> i personally think, yes we can is more inspiring than no we can't. >> the washington post poll finds more people saying about the president, no, he hasn't. for the first time, most voters, 52% now disapprove of the way mr. obama is handling his job overall. more voters say the president made the economy worse. >> i am going to keep fighting every single day. every single hour. every single minute to turn this economy around. >> the first idea, $50 billion for transportation projects. tomorrow, the president will propose a $200 billion tax writeoff on new investments for businesses. republican house leader says we don't need more government stimulous spending. with e need to end washington democrats out of control spending spree. >> i don't
. we have those stories just ahead on this thursday morning. thank you for joining us, i'm megan pringle. jamie is off this morning. you heard of lady's night. this is sort of like lady's morning. we start with linette charles. >> good morning, everyone. we are dealing with cooler temperatures this morning. yes, that cold front has passed and we are dealing with the cool, dry air. the only caveat is the fact we have the dry air and it is windy on the backside. we will continue that for today. it's going to enhance the fire risk and that will continue into saturday when we see showers possible and that will linger into sunday. for today, it's going to be nice and pleasant with temperatures in the upper 70s that will continue into tomorrow as well. now we're looking at your maryland's most powerful radar and we are dry. you can see all five sweeps on and we'll stay that way for the next few days and the rain will push into the area. check out these current conditions. the temperatures at 56. so yes, you need that jacket out. it's not going to be the best hair day, ladies. because
midnight on marlboro pike in district heights. news 4's megan mcgrath is live on the scene with the very latest on this. good morning, megan. >> reporr: good morning, joe. there's a tow truck that has arrived on the scene. looks like they're going to try to move some of these vehicles out of here so that they c reopen the roadway here. this was a violent crash. happened just around midnight. now an ambulance had just gotten a call, an emergency call, they ha left the fire station, were traveling west on marlboro pike when off in the distance, they saw head lights. an suv, according to investigators, had crossed the center line, and was traveling at a high rate of speed in the wrong direction. so in the same lanes as the ambulance. and theywere set up for a head-on collision. >> driver error on the part of the driver of the suv, they ended up crossing over the doble lines into the oncoming path of the ambulance. the ambulance had to make an evasive maneuver so avoid the suv, but ty ended up side-swiping each other. certainly once you see the side of that ambulance you can see that anybody
>>> good wednesday morning, thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. we'll be spending a lot of time together. have you seen some of the clips? extreme makeover. >> i cannot wait to see this. it's an exciting week here. ndp 6:00, sunday night. there'll be the pregame show leading to the big special. >> i can't wait. >> the following weekend, we have the komen race for the cure. you have pizza, you can get a coke, you have-- >> there's food, shopping. >> the credit union, lenny's deli. >> all sorts of stuff in there. we want to remind you about komen race for the cure. in the past, it's been at the end of october. this year, it's october 3rd. >> look at you. going to buy some cards. >> we have a big event coming up to help lupus. this is a great event. scotty garceau, his daughter, we are going to go out there and raise money again. >> great cause. >> yes. >> coming up this morning: we're going to talk about tomatoes. do you like them? >> c'mon. >> you're italian. my husband doesn't like tomatoes, but he likes tomato sauce, pizza. crystal is here from wegm
morning, megan. >> good morning. we're following road work in the south bay. starting off in san jose with a live look at 101 at the 880 overcrossing. no problems heading northbound on 101 out of morgan hill and up the peninsula but you will find road work southbound 101. the ramp to 880 is closed until 7:00 this morning. elsewhere in san jose, a live look at 280 at the 17 overcrossing. there's one car right there. no traffic. very light ride as you make your way through the downtown san jose area. we have road work in pleasanton and both directions of 580 right now. a couple of lanes are blocked at airway boulevard. that should be cleared by 6:00. moving at the limit through that area. eric, kristen. >> megan, thank you so much. it's 5:07. >> it will soon be easier to get your hands on amazon's kindle. the "moneyscope" report is next. >> kindergarten may be delayed for thousands of california children. still ahead, why they may be forced to wait another year to enter school. >> and first tunes then netflix. now amazon. up next why you may soon be inviting the online shopping site int
and inland. everyone cools off right through labor day, our holiday monday. good morning, megan. >> good morning. happy friday eve. we're going to start with road work in please san ton now. you'll find a couple lanes blocked in both directions of 580 between hacienda drive and airway boulevard. a live look in the north bay. this is san rafael. those taillights are moving southbound right now along 101 and then the drive time from 37 to 580 just a light nine minutes. no major problems there for your north bay commute. if you're commuting through contra costa county this morning, a live look in walnut creek. this is 680, taillights moving southbound is problem-free as you make your way into the san ramon valley. 24 heading westbound approaching the caldecott tunnel, a ten-minute drive time from 680 to the tunnel. >> thank you very much. 5:09. still ahead on the abc 7 morning news, what new job numbers are saying about the economic recovery. cutting service or miking fares. the bumpy ride caltrain riders could be facing. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >>> welcom
warmer for a stronger sea breeze. more cooling tuesday and wednesday. megan, you have an update? >> following an injury crash in san jose. southbound 280. facing the wrong way in the fast lane. the fast lane is blocked off there. this means speeds are still moving at the limit so not causing delays on 280 through the san jose area. elsewhere a live look at the compute on walnut creek 680. it's a nice ride through the valley. bay bridge plaza no problems heading into san francisco. >> megan, thank you. just about 60:7. caltrain officials are warning the current fix for their budget problems won't help for long. already projecting a $30,000 deficit in the upcoming fiscal year. yesterday they held a public hearing for fare increases and service cuts as the agency tries to solve its current $3.2 million deficit this year. decided not to eliminate weekend service and trains to gilroy at least not this year. the board is expected to approve a final budget plan in october. just ahead, a family pet lost for seven years then found by a vet. but now a finders keepers rule is interfering w
arrested a second man wanted in the attacks near the university of maryland. megan has more on this arrest. good morning, megan. >> reporter: well, good morning, joe. there have actually been several robberies surrounding the university of maryland the last couple weeks. police are making progress. in a case that occurred august 8th, two people, one of them a university of maryland student, were robbed at gunpoint back on august 8th. they were in the parking lot at the quality inn. following that crime, police say the suspect used one of e victim's credit cards in a convenience store. that's where thisurveillance was taken. police have been able to use that videotape to identify the robbers. yesterday they arrested 21-year-old andr hillox. he's toward the rer of the convenience store. last week they arrested 19-year-old shaw. they are still looking for a third suspect who is seen in the surveillance tape. now, there have been six robberies in the university of maryland area since august 8th. it's unclear if some of the crimes are receipted. that's certainly something police are looking int
shoreline. we are ollowing the storm and bringing you minute by minute team cooeragg. megan gilliland is live in ocean ú%ty wherr the storm is expected to haveethe greatest mpaccton marylaad. meteorologisttsteve fertig who %-our sy watch weather center. ú%od morning, steve. >>> good morning, patrice..3 we are concerned about the southern part of the eastern shore around worcesttr county. however it's weakened some in strength..3 it doesn't mean we can relax. take a look at the sky hd radar and you can take a look at the rain. these are the stronger bands moving towwrd ocean city nd further points inland. nnt seeing a whole lot of rain, -nt like this seeing the outer banks in north carolina where north and east of it. to the taking more of a northeasterly track as you can see the outer bands seeing siinificant ain for tte outer banks as well. we will see some of that activity come our way. it's going to weaken as it hoffs in our direction. theecenter of this hurricane is expected to stay out to sea by 175 miles as far as the center goes. ww will keep a ccose eye on this, a far a
. hisrother says his sibling likely shot their mother because he thought she was suffering. megan joins us from arlington naked with more tis morning. good morning, megan. >> reporter: well, good morning, joe. this standoff began with the shooting of a doctor and ended when the gunman fatally shot his mother in the hospital bed and turned the gun on himself. today we're learning more about what may have i motivated 50-year-old paul partis to take some violent action. their 84-year-old mother had health problems. she recently had surgery and would probably never walk again. the brother believes partis thought their mother was suffering, didn't want to see her live like that, and when the doctor delivered badnews, he snapped. they lived in arlington. neighbors say it's hard to believe that a son who took such good care of his mother would ultimately take her life. >> he lived with his mother until she took ill. then he stayed at the hospital with her. it's really hard to believe. it's so hard to believe. >> every day come home a take her to the doctor, every day. i guess he took her to the n
. megan gilliiand will bring you up to speed at the scene. >>> check at the west ide of liberty road, you ccn see cars are moving along fine. you're looking at an 11-minute rrde from 795 too95 with an averrge speed of 54 mmles per it will remain clear from 95 to 83, that will take you 11 minutes. the average speed of 4 miles per hour aa well. not only an 8-minute ride through the fort mchenry that's the traffic edge report.f patrice, back to you. >>> we are folllwing breaking news out oo northwess balttmore this morniig. a two-alarm fire ripped will you a vacant houue leading to the evacuation of a nearby nursing home. megan gilliland is live along liberty heighhs avenue with more this fire. it looks likk annactive scene, megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, patrice, still a very active and hillsdale road.ights avenue smoke is pouring from the rooftop inside of a vacann home in the 3600 block of hillsdale rrad. theeflames broke oot around 3:30 this morning when crews arrived, those flames were so intense, they called for backup of the ventually those flames %-of that buuldin
. many of the trouble spots are already covered with risin water. megan mcgrath is live in kensington right now with more on the flooding conditions out there. good morning, megan. >>ood morning, joe. it is going to be a messy rush hour. no question about it. you can see just how hard the rain is coming down right now. and we've seen periods where it's come down eveharder than this. now low-lyi areas, we are seeing some flooding here. here along beach drive. you can see that they have a section of beach dri near connecticut avenue completely closed off here. the concern is that the creek is going to contiue to rise, and flood out the street. it actually has covered the roadway in some spots. so, it's a very low-lying area. beach drive, if you usually take it, probably best to take another route this morning. now this is connecticut avenue right here. you can see that the streets, of course, are very, very wet. we've got some water that's running down along the curb of the roadway here. but we're not seeing any major standing water. not at least in the area where we are in kensington.
'm jenelle wang. for more on the traffic situation let's go to megan marlena. >> as jenelle said, traffic nice and light. not showing delays on southbound 680 through the sunol grade. speeds are moving at the limit but we will be keeping an eye on this as the morning continues and more commuters hit the road. it will be interesting to see how this new expressway lane does affect that commute. southbound 680 now your drive time from 580 to 101 only 30 minutes. everything looking good. also westbound 237 from 880 to 101. that's a six-minute drive time. eric, kristen. >> megan, thanks a lot. 6:06. counselors available at several novato schools to talk about the deadly crash that killed one novato high school teen. the collision on novato boulevard killed one student and injured four others when their bmw struck a big rig hauling cattle. all the students attended novato high school. one victim is still listed in critical condition and the car's teen driver has been arrested on dui charges. some 300 students attended a memorial vigil for the victims over the weekend. grief counselors will be a
. as well as in south baltimore. megan gillilann is in the area and will ring yoo a live update ú%om the cene coming up n a -ew minutes.3 we do have trouble on theú bellway where we're dealing with wilkins avenue as ww checkkin and take a live look. will you notice three lanes will be shutdoww. in the area as we make our way upptoward the 795. an ccident on the top side involving a police car right on the jfx. as for those offyou traveling on the 83, we're dealing with another accident allng the northbound lanes at belfast road. %-patrice, let's send it back to you. >>> anytime it rains harr like it is now. traffic snarlsson patapsco avenueein south baltimore. floods inchhs deep and carstimes offen get stuck. megan gilliland is ive out there right now with a look at how things are shaping up out good mooning, megan. >> repooter: good morriig, patrice. we're ddaling with ignificant, very significant flooding on patapsco avenue, both easttand westbound lanes shutdown right now. you can see how high the water is uu on me right now. even deeper. both offthese sides of the road
. megan and jamie, back to you. >> 2 minutes after 6:00 right now. you send your kid off to college and you worry about what they'll eat, how much they'll study, you shouldn't have to worry about them getting robbed or mugged, but that is certainly the concern this morning if your child is attending the university of maryland. linda so is here this morning live in our studio with information about an attack. >> that happened over the weekend. police say a student was hit in the face several times by a group of suspects who took his wallet. posters have been put up in dorms reminding students that the typical crime time happens between 2:00 and 4:00 in the morning. students are encouraged to walk in groups and avoid going out late at night. there have been two other similar attacks. on august 27, three students were robbed and assaulted as they were getting into a car in a hotel parking lot. police arrested three people in that case, but believe there are two more suspects. police say five suspects assaulted and robbed a group of suspects waiting at a bus stop. >> it's always a big
and exit points. we'll have a live report from jenelle wang in the next half hour and megan will have traffic updates throughout the morning. >> traffic use has grown since 2006 when officials set a goal of 70% usage. the latest survey shows that goal has almost been reached with 68.6% of bridge users now having fas trak. the number of morning drivers on the bay bridge using fas trak has nearly doubled to nearly 77%. >> pg&e could release a list of its 100 riskiest pipeline locations as soon as today. this comes after pressure from federal and state leaders including governor schwarzenegger. the utility isn't saying exactly what it plans to do but it could release the list along with maps. pg&e opposed revealing the location of the pipeline citing national security concerns. state regulators also want the utility company to develop a plan for replacing pipelines with manual shutoff valves like the one in san bruno with automatic valves. >> massive cleanup in the area of the san bruno fire is expected this week, possibly thursday. people came together sunday afternoon for a benefit at
on the east coast effecting 30 million people. good morning, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. we've been on since 4:00 trying to keep you posted on this storm as it heads our way. >> we have live team coverage across the area from north carolina to baltimore to the eastern shore and ocean city. >> so let's start things off first with meteorologist lynnette charles standing by tracking the hurricane. lynnette? >> good morning, everyone. we are definitely watching hurricane earl. everybody is covered. let me show you what's going on right now because we have the headlines. the beaches, tropical storm warnings. we're trying to find the change. so we no longer have the hurricane watch, just have a tropical storm warning up. the winds 30 to 60 miles per hour. the waves about 8 to 15 feet and have a coastal flood advisory for the bay. we'll start to go downhill and already doing that. you can see the temperature hasn't moves a little bit. now's at 76. the dew point is still the same. feels like 82.  the winds have been fluctuating back and forth. this is your maryland's most powerful
for new england this morning. >>> "good morning, maryland," i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. thanks for joining us this friday. of course you want to know what's up with earl. >> meteorologist lynnette charles has the answer. good morning, lynnette. >> good morning, jamie. happy friday, everyone. what is up with earl? earl is bringing some rain to the carolinas and virginia. as we go through the morning hours once that sun comes up and go into the afternoon, i'd say maybe around 12:00, 1:00, we will be seeing earl and it will be getting out of here. here are your headlines for today. the beaches still have a tropical storm warning and hurricane watch. the winds, 30 to 60 miles per hour with that, and the waves 10 to 15. and then the bay does have coastal flood advisories in effect for today as well. so ocean city's temperature coming in at 75 degrees. this is abc 2 storm tracker. we have not seen any type of change over the past hour here. the dew point is 75 and it feels like 71. the winds have been changing and that's about it. the satellite is showing -- this is what i wa
, welcome in. i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. the big story is obviously earl. a lot of people want to know what it's going to bring to us. >> justin berk has the answers. >> we already thought earl peaked. we wake up with it knocking on the east coast doorstep, it's gotten stronger. winds measured at 145 miles per hour. that is a very strong category 4 storm. not just minimal for deep within that range. it appears as if it's actually expanded in size. going to about 230 miles away. could hit the north carolina coastline. at least tropical storm force winds. this will stay away from baltimore and that cold front to our west will help push the thing off the coast. until then, here we go. this is what earl means to maryland. beaches under a tropical storm warning. guaranteed there'll be tropical storm conditions within 36 hours. by this time tomorrow, when i'm standing on the beach with christian shaeffer. joce sterman going in for full coverage. we have waves between 10 to 20 feet expected off the shoreline. there may be flooding, about three-foot tidal surge. some of the water
morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> i'm megan pringle. >> how about a hand for megan pringle for making national -- you looked great. >> you're very sweet. i feel very silly even talking about it because that whole show was amazing. the girls are so amazing. >> it's about us, though, it's about us, right? that's the most important thing. >> no, i thought it showed baltimore in a great light. i think it was a very proud moment. >> i was very proud of our show last night. >> i have a special good morning. 5:30 this morning. from perry and gail in parkville. gail has her dog on her lap, they watch every morning at 5:30. great to meet you this weekend. >>> meteorologist justin berk is here. it poured on the tailgate and then the skies were beautiful. >> i think it was washing away the cobwebs. brand new season started yesterday, right? for gail in parkville, i want to let you know your dog will get wet if you go for a walk. we have a little wet weather now. parkville 65 degrees. northeast wind, gusting to 13 miles an hour. you've already seen a third-inch of rain and more on the
>>> 6:31. thanks for joining us, i'm megan pringle. >> i'm jamie costello. it's bad out there. justin berk now with the latest. >> good morning to you, this is a busy morning here, we have a lot of stuff to talk about, we'll talk about the immediate area and get to the tornado warning to our south, may have an impact on anne arundel county. not under a tornado warning now. they may be shortly. we're watching a strong, strong storm. the remains of what was once a hurricane, i'm sorry, tropical storm nicole, it's going to feel like a tropical system here with winds gusting to 45 miles per hour. we have a wind advisory, we have heavy rainfall expected, uh, on average, probably between 2 to 5 inches, even higher amounts likely. and in between, the possibility of some tornados. i had one report from one of our weather watches on the eastern shore, they had lightning extended, which isn't common with a tropical system. we have a tornado watch until 1:00 p.m., all the orange-shaded counties in maryland which include carol, baltimore, harford, cecil, down through howard, anne arundel,
as well. megan, back to you. >>> a doctor shot by a patient a barricaded situation, a hospital on lockdown sounds like something out of a movie. this was our community and this was hopkins. linda so is live with what happened yesterday. >> reporter: the doctor who was shot is expected to survive. last night, he came out of surgery and is in stable condition. it was a chaotic scene with the whole thing unfolding around 11:00 on thursday. the sprawling medical campus was put on lockdown after police say paul pardus shot the doctor. he became distraught after being briefed on his mother's condition. he believed the doctors failed her and prompted him to shoot the doctor. he then ran into his mother's room, shot her in the head then turned the gun on himself. >> my brother finally contacted her and she said, have i to go, hung the phone up abruptly. but at least we know if she answered the phone she's okay. >> reporter: a metal detector may have kept pardus from bringing that gun into the hospital but there are more than 80 entrances on this campus. it's nearly impossible to have a
for megan gilliland is live with the latest on what that means for you. good morning, megan. p>> good morning, patrice, if this plan works, it means you can breathe easy for a while without holding your noss. it means cleaner water for the organisms that live in the bay and all of us that eat out of it. last month a few dozen people oysters and other shell fish that came from the bay. studies even showed it to be as ddrty as a toilet. a lot of ppople, even students havv tried their best to ccean it up.3 sediment pollution.d with our bay is in trouble. >> reporter: those concerns could be washed away. less than a month ago, six water plan under a strategy ordered by president obaaa. now the epa will submit its plan. by the water staae. for the most this process was smooth sailing. there's a ripple in virginia. officials there are concerned about the coss and the science behhnd the cllan up strategy which will require cut plans by3 farmers and others. megan gilliland. early edition. >>> a man is dead after being shot several timms in east baltimore it happened at north broadway, and ea
protections, help that kiiks in megan gilliland is live at federal hill on whaa ttis means for you and wwy some are so opposed to it. >> good morning, megan. >>> hundreds of thousands of americans set to get some relief today and it sounds pretty good but ome areeworrieddwho is going to for this all. the pptient protection and affordable care act goes into %-it's six mooths after the president signed it into laww here is how it breaks down. starting right now insurance companies will no longer be permitted to exclude children because of preexisting health conditionss insurers will also not be allowed to impose lifetime limits on benefits. and children up to 26 years old will now be allowed coverage on their parents policies. it's a step president obama says it's important for the 20 somethings struggling to get a full-timeegig with benefits. >> you're not going to go bankrupt. you're not going to lose your house heaven forbid you end up having an accident and you're able to get quality care that you need. included in these new benefits, colonosccpies, ma'am owe gramedz and immunizations,
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